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About Me

My name is Jesper Buus Nielsen. I am an associate professor at Aarhus University.

I'm leading the Cyber Security part of the Centre for Digitalisation, Big Data and Data Analytics.

Research Interests

I'm currently interested in block chain technology, theory of multiparty computation, implementing secure multiparty computation in practicerational cryptographyleakage resilient cryptographytamper resilient cryptography, and universal composability. In the past I worked on a wide range of topics within and relating to cryptography, including:
  • Asymptotic complexity of multiparty computation
  • Asynchronous distributed computing
  • Byzantine agreement
  • Chosen-ciphertext security
  • Implementing secure multiparty computation in practice
  • New approaches to secure multiparty computation
  • Non-committing encryption and deniable encryption
  • How to model security
  • Oblivious transfer
  • Threshold cryptosystems
  • Cryptography and game theory
  • Security amplification of block-ciphers
  • Universally composable security
  • Secure quantum computation

PhD Students

I have had the honour to be (co-)supervisor for the following brilliant PhD students:

  • Claudio Orlandi
  • Peter Sebastian Nordholt
  • Pavel Hubáček
  • Angela Zottarel
  • Thomas Pelle Jakobsen
  • Tore Kasper Frederiksen
  • Pratyay Mukherjee
  • Bernado Machado David
  • Carsten Baum
  • Roberto Trifiletti
  • Satrajit Ghosh

More About Me